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Your Experience With Us

For some people, hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. At Robinson Mahoney we know that so we thought it might be helpful to explain what you might expect should we become your lawyers.

Typically, we begin with a phone call. One of our Fairfield County Personal Injury lawyers will speak with you to learn a little bit about your situation and determine if it is something we might be able to help you with. There is no charge for that call. If we think it is a situation that we can help you with, we then schedule an initial consultation for you with one of our attorneys, Attorney Cindy Robinson or Doug Mahoney. Again, there is no charge for that longer consultation. We defer to you as to whether you prefer to do that initial consultation in person or by Zoom. With the increase in the use of Zoom, we have some clients (usually due to distance from our location) who prefer to always meet us via zoom.

Should you choose to visit us in person, you will find that we are in a beautiful old farmhouse right on the Post Road in the heart of downtown Fairfield. We have lots of free parking all around our building. We have never had a client or visiting attorney have any trouble finding a space right outside our door. As Fairfield County Personal Injury lawyers, we want to make your visit with us is as comfortable as possible.

At the initial consultation, we will explain the attorneys’ fees in more detail, but in a nutshell, there is no fee if we do not recover money for you. If we do recover money for you, the fees are never more than 1/3 of what is collected, and sometimes they are less than 1/3.

Once you have retained us, we go work. First, we open the claim with various insurance companies and potential defendants. We begin collecting your medical records. We follow you through your treatment. As Fairfield County Personal Injury Lawyers, we know it can be stressful getting to your doctor appointments while fighting through your physical and emotional pain. We will encourage you during that process to call us and tell us what it is going on. You are not bothering us when you call. It is critical that you let us know what is going on.

There are two frequent questions we get at the initial meeting. The first is how long will it take before my case is resolved. It is impossible to know the answer to that at the initial consultation as we do not know for how long you are going to be treating. Unlike workers compensation where you get paid as you go along, in a personal injury case you only get one settlement. And, once you settle your case you can never open it up again. Therefore, before entering into any settlement we want to make sure that you understand what the future holds for you in terms of your injury. We will never rush you into a settlement.

The second question that we frequently hear at the initial consultation is, what is my case worth? If a lawyer tells you shortly after you are injured that he or she knows what your case is worth, you should hire a different lawyer. A lawyer who tells you they know what your case is worth after an accident has just happened is selling you false hope. It is only when your treatment is complete can a lawyer give you their opinion of what your case is worth.

Everyone at Robinson Mahoney has worked together for over 30 years. Cindy and Doug frequently work on their files together. At our firm you will never speak to a junior person or an associate. You will always have either Attorney Cindy Robinson or Doug Mahoney, and sometimes both, representing you. Call us today to find out more about how we can help.

Client Reviews
"You helped our family through such a most difficult time and we will always be grateful for the kindness and the very professional way you handled our case. Thinking often of you.” L.M.
“Words have failed us, so a thank you from the depths of our souls will give us a start. Your classic, dignified , adult presentation of the facts was stunning. (It was) astonishingly evident that you were in complete control all the time… We will remember you always with the utmost respect.” Mr. and Mrs. D
“I wanted to thank you so very much for all you have done for me. I think I’m still in shock! You’ll never know how much this verdict has helped me. I don’t fear the future as I did before. Thank you so much again-from the bottom of my heart!!!” P.D.