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Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries that a person sustains who is involved in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. As Fairfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, we have recovered millions of dollars through trial and settlement for our clients who have been harmed by the negligence of others. Motorcycle accident victims need a fierce advocate to get them fully compensated and we are here to serve.

Motorcycle accident cases are more complicated than typical car accident cases for two primary reasons. First, the injuries are usually far more substantial, if not fatal. We have represented motorcycle accident victims who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, fractures of nearly every bone in the body and, tragically, death. Frequently there are open wounds after a motorcycle accident which can become infected. You need Fairfield County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to get you compensation for your injuries.

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another, under Connecticut Law you are entitled to two different types of damages. The first type of damages is called Economic Damages. Economic Damages are the things you can add up. Economic Damages include your medical bills - both the ones that you have already incurred as well as all the medical bills you may need to pay over the course of your life. Economic damages also include all the wages you lost during the time you were unable to work. Some people though, never return to their work. For those people, Connecticut law allows us as Fairfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to bring a claim for loss of earning capacity. At Robinson Mahoney we can use the testimony of an economist to quantify those lost future earnings.

The second type of damages under Connecticut Law is called NonEconomic Damages. That is money for the things you cannot add up such as pain and suffering, the way an injury affects you, or the loss of the ability to do the things you enjoy. For some injured, that means never being able to ride their bike again. Those losses are substantial, and we develop them through your story as well as the testimony of your friends and families.

The second reason that motorcycle accident cases are more complicated than car accident cases is because the insurance company frequently tries to blame the victim – the motorcyclist. At Robinson Mahoney we are Fairfield County Motorcycle Accident lawyers who are familiar with this tactic and are ready for it. We know that they will try to portray you as careless or even reckless. That is why as soon as we are retained, we begin working on your case to identify witnesses, communicate with the police, and confirm how the accident happened. We prove that it was not you that was the reason the accident happened.

As an example, Attorney Mahoney was one of two lawyers that represented a man who was involved in an accident on his way home from the store. A bus made a left-hand turn in front of him causing him to crash into the side of the bus. The bus driver just never saw the bike before beginning his turn. The motorcyclist had a traumatic brain injury and many fractures. Instead of accepting responsibility, the insurance company blamed the motorcyclist. They said he was speeding. They said he was drunk because he had one beer after work. They even said he was not paying attention. That case went to trial. At trial, we called many witnesses to prove the bus caused the accident including an accident reconstructionist. We called two of the client’s doctors to talk about the impact of his injuries on his life. After hours of deliberation, the jury came back with a verdict in our client's favor; the final judgment for our client was over $2.1 million dollars.

Call us for more information about how we will take your case to the jury to get you the compensation you deserve.

Client Reviews
"You helped our family through such a most difficult time and we will always be grateful for the kindness and the very professional way you handled our case. Thinking often of you.” L.M.
“Words have failed us, so a thank you from the depths of our souls will give us a start. Your classic, dignified , adult presentation of the facts was stunning. (It was) astonishingly evident that you were in complete control all the time… We will remember you always with the utmost respect.” Mr. and Mrs. D
“I wanted to thank you so very much for all you have done for me. I think I’m still in shock! You’ll never know how much this verdict has helped me. I don’t fear the future as I did before. Thank you so much again-from the bottom of my heart!!!” P.D.